[Mailman-Developers] Mailman 1.0b7 bug reports

Detlev Droege droege@uni-koblenz.de
Fri, 8 Jan 99 12:46:46 +0100

Hi Mailman Developers,

thanks for Mailman - its great to have that tool !

We did set up Mailman at
mostly to admin local user groups. I'm the list-admin
of the single non-local group (EINST-Mitglieder).

Most things run just fine, however I had following problems:

1 - I did a bulk subscribe for approx. 100 members via the
    HTML interface. I overlooked a bogus line when pasting
    the addresses into the textfield and Mailman generated
    a strange entry. A syntax check on the mail addresses
    would be helpful. [The bogus address had a pending
    closing paranthesis: "AUser@somewhere.com)" ]

2 - The abovementioned list of email addresses did contain
    mixed-case entries like "Detlev.Droege@uni-koblenz.de".
    Mailman did lowercase them in most places, but not in
    all places. The subscription welcome message to those
    members contained URLs like
    to access the specific member record (note the upper
    case letters). The "options" program does not recognize
    these entries unles all letters are changed to lower case.
    Either the case in the generated mail should be changed
    or, even better, "options" should accept valid mail addresses
    in any case.

3 - When the first external member submitted an article, its
    From: address differed from the subscribed address, so I as
    the list admin was asked to approve the message. I did so,
    however the message was never sent out to the list members.
    It appears in the "post" logfile, it is archived in the
    HTML archive, but it was never mailed to the list members.
    Our postmaster could not detect any failure of our mail
    system nor any error messages. Is it possible Mailman
    just forgot to send it out ?

4 - As list admin I'd like to have an interface to change
    the mail address of list members. I allready got several
    requests to do so. It's a little boring to do so by
    unsubscribing the old and then subscribing the new address.
    Moreover, this generates a useles "Good Bye" and "Welcome"
    message which might confuse the subscriber.

Anyway - Mailman is a great tool and I like it a lot !
Don't take this as complaint, but as my (very) small effort
to make it even better.

Detlev Droege, Uni Koblenz, FB Informatik, Rheinau 1, D-56075 Koblenz, Germany
    Fon: +49 261 287-2769 (NEU !)  |  Email: droege@informatik
    Fax: +49 261 287-2745 (NEU !)  |         .uni-koblenz.de