[Mailman-Developers] forwarded message from David Thiessen

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
01 Jul 1999 21:33:05 +0200

[David Thiessen]

> To whom it may concern:
> I have recently installed Mailman on a system where I work and I have found 
> it to be a fantastic software package. But to use it here, the people need 
> documentation and so I have written some.


> I was not quite sure where to send it, so I grabbed your email
> address.

I guess (<mailman-developers@python.org> would be fine -- if you could
post a pointer to where the file can be retrieved from rather than the
entire word file, that'd probably be best for files that big.  If that
for some reason isn't possible, just post the file as an attachment
(like you did to Barry).

As Mailman is quite web-based, I guess that it would make most sense
if the manual is on the web, as well (but a printable version should
also be available).  I have done a quick'n'dirty Save as HTML
"conversion" of the word document -- for now, it is available at

It probably needs to be massaged some more (I somehow suspect that
MSWord doesn't create the prettiest HTML in the world, and the web
version should probably be split into several files) before going into
the distribution, but it is very much better than *no* documentation!


> And to repeat myself one more time, Mailman is a fantastic program
> which I hope the use of will continue to expand.

Thanks -- and so do we ;)

> By the way, when is the date for a final release.

I've given up trying to give specific dates for this, and I haven't
been keeping to well up with reported bugs lately :(

However, if the bottleneck Barry found is /the/ bottleneck that has
been causing some high-volume users of Mailman headaches, and no
similarly critical deficiencies has been reported, I think we're
nearly there.

If anyone still have any faith at all in whatever guesstimates us core
developers give on the 1.0 release date, I'd say that it should be out
this summer -- let me know if you think that wasn't vague enough :)