[Mailman-Developers] message board functionality?

Dan Delaney Dionysos@Dionysia.org
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 15:27:29 -0400

From: John Reekie
> I would like to suggest
> that it be done so that websites that _already have_ user accounts
> can integrate mailman easily.
> I don't want users who are
> already logged in to enter any passwords or accept any more
> cookies.

I'm in the same boat as John on this one. Consider an Intranet situation.
The user has already logged into an Intranet on which he is subscribed to
several mailing lists. He should not have to enter another password to
configure his lists, he should just be able to click on a link and do it.
Purhaps a good way to facilitate this would be to publish a clear
specification for how all of the data is stored in the config.db files for
lists so that if you already have an Intranet application set up you can
just add in a little code to change the Mailman list data yourself. For
instance, I already have a screen which allows the Intranet users to changes
their password and personal information, including their email address. It'd
be great if, when they change their email address, I could just add code
into my PHP program which would automatically change their email address on
all of the lists to which they are subscribed.
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