[Mailman-Developers] Help with run_queue problem?

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
03 Mar 1999 17:36:07 +0100

[Liam Kirsher]

> Hi,
> Can anyone help with this?  I'm getting the following error when
> run_queue is executed, whether by cron or from the command line.
> Everything else seems to be working fine.
> Thanks in advance,
> Liam
> ------------------------------------------------------
> Your "cron" job on ns1
> /usr/local/bin/python /usr/local/etc/mailman/cron/run_queue
> produced the following output:
> Traceback (innermost last):
>   File "/usr/local/etc/mailman/cron/run_queue", line 31, in ?
>     OutgoingQueue.processQueue()
>   File "/usr/local/etc/mailman/Mailman/OutgoingQueue.py", line 119, in
> processQu
> eue
>     recip,sender,text = marshal.load(f)
> EOFError: EOF read where object expected

Sorry for taking a _long_ time to respond, but it appears that your
outgoing queue files have been corrupted in some way.  I guess Mailman
should handle corrupted spool files more elegantly.

Is there any wisdom about on what the appropriate action to take in
this case would be?

Would logging "Corrupted queue file such-and-such removed from queue"
(and removing the file from the queue :) suffice?  Or should the
corrupted queue file be removed from the queue, but stored elsewhere
for later investigation of what caused the corruption etc.?  Should
anyone (list owner, mailman-owner) get email on these incidents?
Which of these options, if any, should be (site) configurable?

Or should some other "solution" be implemented?

While we're on the subject, what about the list config info -- should
this be automatically recovered from config.db.last when config.db is