[Mailman-Developers] Does anyone else see these?

Christopher Lindsey lindsey@ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 01:17:53 -0600 (CST)

> I've gotten two admin messages to mailman-owner from a mailman list I run
> on apriori.net (Hummers - a humor list).

This isn't a Mailman issue, it's an issue with the recepients email
configuration.  He's forwarding the message on from t-eaton@mindspring.com
to redscares@spamcom.net while preserving the original envelope
address.  This is A Bad Thing because mail is being bounced back
to mailman-owner@apriori.net instead of to the person who set up the
forwarding.  This is one example why one usually shouldn't preserve the
envelope sender when forwarding mail.

> redscares@spamcom.net (obviously) is not a subscriber of list Hummers,
> yet the message seems to think he is. Therefore I can't delete from 
> the subscriber list one who isn't subscribed...
> In the line:
>    X-MindSpring-Loop: t-eaton@mindspring.com
> user t-eaton@mindspring.com IS a subscriber, however.

Yes, fortunately mindspring.com put in that header for you.  In your
case you can also tell for whom the mail was intended by looking
at the Received: headers, but that's not always true (I believe
sendmail takes out the recepient name if more than one address is
being delivered to in the same SMTP transaction.  That also means
that you wouldn't be able to narrow down the address without 
manually probing all accounts at that domain).

Perhaps Mailman could add (yet another) header indicating the
targetted recepient to help with this type of situation?  Maybe
X-Mailman-Recepient?  Or it could be wrapped it into another header
like X-BeenThere...