[Mailman-Developers] Proposal for funded custom work on MailMan

J C Lawrence claw@varesearch.com
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 21:50:11 -0800

VA Research is potentially interested in using MailMan for a number of
internal and external activities, but would need a couple extensions
to the current beta:

  1) We need to be able to distinguish between "internal" and
"external" lists.  An internal list would refuse all subscriptions and
posts from addresses which didn't match a given pattern (eg only
messages originating from *@*varesearch.com can subscribe/post).
External lists would be without such controls.  

  2) As discussed here previously, an ultra-simplified list-creation
and administration interface suitable for giving to a computer
illiterate HR person to create mailing lists on demand.

We are potentially willing to fund one or more of the MailMan
developers making these changes for us as long as the resultant
changes are folded into the MailMan base release at some future date,
and the changes are released under the GPL.  I understand the concerns
about folding such changes into the production version so close to 1.0
release, holding off on the patches till post-1.0 would be utterly

If one of the mailman developers is interested in discussing this with
me, please email me at claw@varesearch.com and we'll see what we can
work out.

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