[Mailman-Developers] MM1.0b9 Bug! (was: Setup prob: abs/rel CGI url)

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
25 Mar 1999 00:53:38 +0100

[Christian Tismer]

> I think it would be better for MM's public acceptance if there was
> always a version known to be used in many installations.

I, OTOH, don't think that'd solve anything much.

The very reason for releasing Betas is to get rid of bugs.  The
intention is that each new Beta should have fewer bugs than any of the
previous ones.

Of course, due to human nature and Murphy's Law, whenever someone
tries to fix a bug there is a non-zero probability that something else
gets broken.

> It would not have all new features, but also not the new bugs.

Unless you trade away the Good of getting old bugs fixed, you can't
avoid the Bad of maybe introducing new bugs.

> In other words: If the latest beta needed a bug fix, why don't we
> mark it as problematic and go back to, say, 1.0b7?

IMHO, this might be a viable plan if we were talking about stable
releases.  We're not.  We're talking about Beta releases.