[Mailman-Developers] bulk add users "issues"

Jeff Hahn jeffh@streek.com
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 10:24:45 -0600

couple of issues:

1.	I've also run into a problem I believe I remember reading about on this
list.  add_members seg faults at about 500 users added in a run.  I've got
the dumpfile, but since I don't have python compiled with debugging, not
sure it's of any value to anyone.  (RH 5.2, Python 1.5.1, latest CVS of

2.	When bulk adding members (either thru the web page or add_members) the
digest type appears to be random (not the default digest mode as defined for
the list)  I've scanned thru the source, but I don't see anything "obvious",
but I've probably overlooked something easy.