[Mailman-Developers] ABEND: problem with sync_members

Richard Ellerbrock richarde@eskom.co.za
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 10:27:23 +0200

>> Ok, I have found the problem. The check routines that validate an e-mail 
>address does not pick up addresses with spaces in them. Thus, the following 
>will cause an ABEND:
>> richarde. test@eskom.co.za 
>For what it's worth, that's not an RFC-compliant address.  Any addresses
>with spaces need to be enclosed within quotations, i.e
>   "richarde. test"@eskom.co.za 

Correct. I have written a routine that grabs addresses from a database. It is rather strange what people enter as e-mail addresses. I then sync this to a mailing list.

What I have done to get around the problem is to modify my SQL statement to exclude addresses with spaces in them. Also works :-)

I had to modify sync_members to accept input from stdio though.

Richard Ellerbrock