[Mailman-Developers] Mailmerge?

Richard Leyton richard@beenz.com
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:45:08 +0000

Hi all,

Just wondered if anybody else out there has, or is, thinking about
support for mailmerge in the mailman software? It's something I need
from my mailing software (as well as support for a dynamic user list
drawn from a database), and I'm not keen on spending úlots if mailman
could be modified...

As you can tell from my mail address, I work at beenz.com, and we will
soon be needing to e-mail our user base occasional e-mails with details
of their balances and new offers. There's nothing really out there at
the moment beyond an inhouse script we've written that just about does
the job for small volumes. We're talking several hundred thousand mails
soon enough == problems!

Any comments/suggestions? I'm bracing myself to dip into the mailman
source code - but my experience with python is (at the moment, at least)
minimal, so before starting I thought I'd check whether you feel that
it's something the mailman architecture could support, and people would
want to see (besides myself!).

Looking forward to your comments.



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