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This seems a little offbeat, but should be addressed:

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Hi *,

  Some of you probably know the Solar Designer's OpenWall security patches
to the Linux kernel. One of the features of these patches is the ability to
prevent users from creating symlinks and hardlinks in /tmp to files they
don't own. Some time ago my Mailman stopped working and I didn't associate
the security warning messages popping up on a screen with the Solar
Designer's patch which I have just applied to the 2.2.13 kernle. Recently,
however, I decided to look at what might be the problem causing Mailman to
fail. It turns out that Mailman uses hard links in /tmp to files in the
/var/lib/mailman/lists/listname/* files and also to lock some other files.
The problem is that those files are owned by root.list with mode 664
(mostly) and the httpd daemon (Roxen in my case) runs the Mailman scripts as
nobody or list. The Solar Designer's code refuses creating sym- and
hardlinks to those files and Python raises an exception causing Mailman to
abort. Now, I see no reason for the files to be owned by root.list - after
making the httpd execute Mailman scripts with UID 38 (list) and changing the
ownership of the entire Mailman director tree to list.list everything
started to work smoothly again. Therefore, I think the postinst Mailman
script should change the ownership of the files to list.list.


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