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Tue, 30 Nov 1999 14:26:43 -0800

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:29:57 -0800 (PST) 
jfesler  <jfesler@gigo.com> wrote:

> Note that some mail servers refuse to send the message body back
> (grrr).  

I've found that the ones that don't at least send the headers are
few and far between (tho they do exist).

> If you do it as the envelope you're guaranteed to be able to
> recognize it, whether or not the body bounces..


> [I'm also highly in favor of the at-password-time bounce checking
> - keeps load light-ish for most list traffic, and just the
> occasional reminder/probe]

As I mentioned to Barry, I opted for once every N messages where N
was configurable on a per-list basis.  This allowed some lists to be 
set trigger happy, and others lackadasical -- as befitted their
character and daily traffic loads.


My headers were:

  X-SubscriberData: subscr_address on <listname> #<lists's_bounce_count>"

The algorithm was:

  There were three configurable values per list: How often to issue
bounce messages: Every N days or M messages, whichever came the
sooner (no mail days genereated no bounce test messages), and a
sensitivity value.

  A bounced message was worth Q points, where Q was determined as

  To be removed from the list a member had to accrue a sufficiently
high bounce score.  The more rapidly he bounced messages the more
rapidly his score grew.  Gaps in bounces (is some bounce some don't,
and the score grows more slowly.

  Loosely, a mamber had to bounce every bounce_message for
<sensitivity> days with the bounce messages making it back to the
list server within 24 hours to be unsubscribed.

  This was done by calculating a bounce_score as follows:

    If the bounce message has the same bounce_count as the last
bounce-sensitive message issued (plus or minus one), then
<sensitivity> is added to the score.

    If the bounc message is from an older bounce-test, then
<sensitivity> - <age> - 1 is added to the score.

    If the bounce message is older than <sensitivity> days, then the
score is set to zero.

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