[Mailman-Developers] Anti-Spam Acronymns -- I give up...

Tom Funk tdfunk@asd-web.com
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 16:09:57 -0400

H'lo, Gang:

A few weeks ago there was a short thread on this list that made some passing
references to acronyms for some of the 'Net's anti-spam black list/black
hole servers.  At the time, I didn't know what the acronyms meant so I
hopped over to AltaVista and started hunting them down.  I eventually found
references to all of the referenced servers.  Now, I'd actually like to get
back to one or more of those sites -- but can't find the messages from that
thread.  And, of course, I didn't bookmark any of them... :-(

I can't find the messages locally, I can't find them in the archives and I
can't remember any of the acronyms.  The thread should have been during
August, since I only joined the list as of Aug. 8, or there 'bouts.

The anti-spam references were a side-thread to the primary content of the
messages.  I believe the exchange was between one of the core maintainers
(Barry??) and (I think) someone in Germany (.de domain???).   I also
remember that the core maintainer answering the messages pointed out the one
of the acronyms was "top secret" (a misquote) and lived on the shelf next to
the can of whoop-ass. <lol>

Does any of this ring a bell to anyone?  I'm almost positive the thread was
from this list since I get the Mailman-Users list digested and these
messages were delivered individually.

The bottom line is: what were the acronyms or URLs for the sites in


-=< tom >=-