[Mailman-Developers] Documentation: Admin Guide Draft

Christopher Kolar ckolar@admin.aurora.edu
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:21:30 -0500

I have placed the first rough draft of both a list manager's guide and a
list manager's quick reference on the web.  I would appreciate it if
members of the development team took a look at it and commented.

I have been preparing documentation for my institution as we roll MM out
and we will eventually GPL them once we find out what we need to do.  The
following documents are currently available for review:

1.  MailMan User Guide (for list subscribers)
2.  MailMan Administrator's Guide (for list managers, non-technical list
3.  List Administrator's Quick Reference (covers 90% of what our help desk
has heard from non-technical (faculty) list owners).

AT this time all of the documents are ugly, I just need
feedback/corrections related to the content.  Documents are available at



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