[Mailman-Developers] Listing Lists Faster in 2.0?

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
08 Apr 2000 23:48:42 +0200

[Roberto Ullfig]

> Roberto Ullfig wrote:
> > 
> > So, in 1.0rc2, displaying the list of lists for 529 lists
> > requires 529**2 = 279841 system stat calls and takes over one
> > and a half minutes on our Ultra-2 2x296 processor system! Is
> > this because of Python, Mailman, or both? Has this been "fixed"
> > in 2.0? You really should only need to make one stat call per
> > list.
> > 
> Whatever the answer is, we'd like to be able to generate the
> lists of lists once a day;

Just a quick note: In the (severely hacked-up) Mailman installation we
have here at uio.no (with ~3500 lists, although these are spread out
over ~150 virtual domains), I've implemented caching of the data
Mailman needs to generate the "list overview" pages, thereby avoiding
excessive stat()ing.

This is one of the features I'm holding off committing until after 2.0
is out.