[Mailman-Developers] membership managent web interface

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Sun, 9 Apr 2000 20:43:09 +0200


On Sun, Apr 09, 2000 at 08:19:49PM +0200, Harald Meland wrote:
> > But most of the times you know the exact address you want to unsubscribe 
> > or view/edit, so why not add a search box on top?
> Can't this already be done by using the list member's "options" page
> (using the user's address in combination with your list admin
> password)?
you mean something like
http://server/mailman/options/mailinglist/ricardo--at--rixhq.nu ?
besides not being very convenient to do, i don't think it works w/o knowing
the users' password... as far as i can see there's no way telling you're
the admin and I doubt that admin password can override it.

> > I even think that only a searchbox on the initial page should be
> > enough, and only show the paged list of members when the user
> > specifically asks for it... saves a bit of bandwidth / response
> > time.  any thoughts about this?
> I disagree.  The list admin interface is cryptic enough as it is, IMO.
> Further obscuring the overview of list members wouldn't be nice.
actually I suggested this because I think that would make the member options
much more simple. Having a partial list of the members immediately is what
makes it cryptic IMHO.
My list has about 1700 members and navigating with the way it is not is
not very convenient (even if you get used to it) and I can't imagine how
it would be like for people with 10k lists :)