[Mailman-Developers] features I would like to see

Murray Jensen Murray.Jensen@cmst.csiro.au
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:32:12 +1000

>Right, more features I'd like. :)

OK, since we're doing this :-) I would also like the following:

1. the built-in pipermail archive stuff to handle MIME multipart better.
   e.g. in the web pages, store non-text MIME parts in separate files,
   preferably in a sub-directory. These files can then be excluded from
   any indexing for a search facility.

2. a nicer web interface to the web archive e.g. a frames based approach
   so that you can keep the index in one frame and display the messages in
   another (makes navigating the archive easier)

3. a built-in search function for the web archive

For an example of what I'd like, see:


(hopefully I got the permissions correct - also, the neighbourhood stuff in
webglimpse doesn't work). To do this, I had to ditch the pipermail stuff and
use mhonarc, with a contributed mhonarc frames config. The webglimpse stuff
could be used with pipermail, but I don't like webglimpse's licencing model.
I think it is too restrictive for something that is relatively simple (and
could be implemented in pipermail fairly easily). Cheers!
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