[Mailman-Developers] giving mailman egroups like functionality?

Rajat linuxcurry@yahoo.com
Fri, 8 Dec 2000 00:20:26 -0800 (PST)

hello friends,

am new to this list ... but have been using mailman
for quite some time. am also aware of howto program in
python .... but am no big expert in python!

one of my implementation projets requires what egroups
gives .... Now mailman is an excellent tool for
mailing list management with excellent web based GUI
interface ....

what i want is howto -

1.) a web page thru which users can login ( that i
have taken care of - assumed that users are already in
my ldap database and they get into their user area say
like a mailbox ) and can create their own mailing
lists rather than someone makes for them from a shell!

2.) then everytime they login they see what lists they
are moderator are for plus also thise lists which they
have subscribed too.

3.) when they click on the list they are moderator are
for then it should give the link to

4.) and when they click the link to the list they have
been subscribed they go the link

5.) also how can i execute the commands present in my
~Mailman/bin directory .. eg: list_lists

i would really appreciate if you could help me out in
doing this ... plus if these functional are, if u
think not required in mailman or do not confer to
mailman standards, then please at least do help me out
howto go about it .. either,

a) changing the python code of mailman
b) any way i can achieve this my executing any
existing binary commands which comes with Mailman thru
perl or PHP.

The requirements are on a urgent basis ... so would
appreciate all your help


P.S. : i have told that s/w like lyris list manager
does this .. but am a hardcore mailman fan .. and i
would never like to use any other mailing list manager

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