[Mailman-Developers] Q: Where are the MM- attributes in the source?

The Doctor What docwhat@gerf.org
Wed, 5 Jan 2000 01:27:17 -0800

I have been irritated by the archive page that comes with mailman,
so I am planning on doing something. :)

So I have a question: Where are the MM-<foo> variable/tags defined
in python code.  You know, the ones that become the list name and
such one the web-page.  I spent several hours looking, but I can't
find it.  I'm sure it's my stupidity...

My plan is to submit (for your approval <cue twighlight zone music>)
some examples to drop in for the archives.html that use htdig to
search that specific list, and a full blown page located at (the
default) http://foo.host/pipermail/ because having the "private"
lists exposed there bother me, and it would make a keen place for a
search all (public) lists.

Then I'll go looking for the stuff for individual month pages for
each list.

Has anyone done any work on "easy themes" for lists?  It seems that
some simple attributes could be set in the configuration section
with little grief.

Anyway, enough of me, I wanna see what get's written back.



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