[Mailman-Developers] Bounce Detection for: exim, postfix

Andrew Perkins andrew@violet.org
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 20:05:15 -0800

Apologies in advance for the cross-post, I realized that this topic
may be better suited for *-developers than *-users...

Hello everyone,

It appears that bounce detection for various MTA's (exim, postfix)
have not been implemented in mailman.  For our sake, it is unfortunate
that the MTA authors failed to arrive upon some similar error message
format.  I am *so* interested in bounce detection for exim (today) and
postfix (in a couple of months) that I am willing to contribute to the
mailman source tree.  Although I do not currently write any python, I
have a solid grasp of perl.  I am definitely willing to learn python
for this project.

I am posting to this list to *be sure* that I am not re-inventing any
wheels...  Please respond to this message with *any* information you
may have regarding other projects (within mailman or otherwise) that
my have relevance to this.  I understand that support for alternate
MTA (i.e. not sendmail) bounce detection may be underway for mailman
1.2; if this is the case please point me to the CVS repository...

Verbosity counts, please do not assume that I have thought of everything...

Andrew Perkins              andrew@violet.org