[Mailman-Developers] Mj2 and Mailman

Michael Yount csf@moscow.com
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 14:32:20 -0800

To be fair to Jason, I think the situation has changed.  He's offered
to share the project, and I know he's given commit privileges to 
at least one other person.  Please see what he wrote at

It will take me a few days to catch up with the latest improvements to Mailman,
but once that happens, I'll share my feature request list with you all.



 :}> Is Majordomo2 a reality?  There doesn't seem to be much information on
 :}> greatcircle about it, but then I've been out of the MD loop for a long
 :}> time.
 :}It's quasi-reality.  Jason Tibbets has been working on it for a couple of
 :}years now, and when I last looked it was very promising.  Unfortunately,
 :}he also likes to keep total control of the package, so offers for help,
 :}etc.  fell on deaf ears.  That's why we're shifting to Mailman at NCSA.
 :}The project is not related to greatcircle; it just happens to share the
 :}same name.  
 :}   http://www.hpc.uh.edu/majordomo/