[Mailman-Developers] What does this comment mean???

Bill Bumgarner bbum@codefab.com
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 17:29:02 -0500

In ToArchive.py [Handlers/], there is the following hunk o' code:

def process(mlist, msg):
    # short circuits
    if getattr(msg, 'isdigest', 0):
    # TBD: this needs to be converted to the new pipeline machinery

I'm curious what the TBD: comment actually means.

(I'm in the process of ripping out pipermail and modifying MailMan's archival  
mechanism to use WebDAV to archive messages.   This also includes the ability  
to file attachments seperately and rewrite the outbound message such that all  
of the attachments are turned into URLs to the archive server.  Obviously, all  
the changes will be contributed back to the community and I would like to make  
such changes in the most compliant manner possible.)