[Mailman-Developers] dupl. admin posts in 1.2 cvs

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Sun, 16 Jan 2000 13:00:44 +0100


Since i've been using the cvs version of mailman, I noticed
receiving 2 copies of mail send to the list and mail send to
listname-admin@hostname.org ... I finally had some time to
try to figure out why this happens... first i thought i made
a mistake in the postfix config, but then i saw the following
lines in scripts/mailowner

        msg.recips = mlist.owner[:]
        # for debugging purposes

so this means the mailman owner gets a copy of all mail send
to listname-admin... In my case I'm the MAILMAN_OWNER too so
that's why i'm getting duplicated messages... but since I'm
getting dupl. list email too, does this mean the MAILMAN_OWNER
gets copies of all list messages too? On second thought... 
I have another (low traffic) list running on the same system,
but that one doesnt send me dupl. mail... weird...