[Mailman-Developers] www.pairlist.net

sigma@pair.com sigma@pair.com
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:45:53 -0500 (EST)

Hi, this is Kevin Martin at pair Networks, Inc.  We're running a test
system with Mailman and Postfix, at the http://www.pairlist.net/ site.
It's slated to replace the proprietary, closed-source mailing list manager
we had been developing for the last year.

Our customers have been using the system since early January - there are
about 150 active lists - and they're all very happy with it.  We've made
very few modifications to Mailman, because we want to stay close to the
source and encourage its development.  Right now, use of the service is
free to our Web hosting customers.

How can we contribute to this project?  No one here is a decent Python
programmer.  I'd like to be on good terms with the developers, and support
them in some way - I'm open to suggestions.

There are very few bugs to speak of; mostly we only get feature requests
from our customers.  I don't think feature requests have a suitable place
in Jitterbug, so I've attached them briefly below.

   - true virtual domain support to allow conflicting listnames
   - search engine for archives
   - ability to edit archives (whether this means Pipermail or replacing it)
   - save a copy of all subscription requests, for tracking later
   - ability to customize *all* e-mail to subscribers, including the
     stuff that's hardcoded; this allows support for other languages,
     for example
   - don't mention turned-off features in the subscriber welcome message
   - more e-mail based administration, to match Web features
   - support for distribution list only (no subscriber sending)
   - ability to have subscribers with automatic random passwords
   - statistics on deliveries/day and performance
   - To: field to have real recipient, or other X- field, for matching
     by procmail later, or for tracking down unwanted subscriptions

I know nobody invited us to setup a service with Mailman, nor did we
consult with anyone beforehand.  We do intend to charge for high-volume
usage of the pairlist.net service in the future, because we'll be supplying
bandwidth, servers, and support.  I hope we can have a good relationship
with the developers.

Thanks for listening.

Does anyone know of other commercially-oriented list hosting services that
might use Mailman?  Wasn't there one a few months ago?

Kevin Martin