[Mailman-Developers] Forcing the address of a list

David Sexton david.sexton@sapphire.net
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 13:04:53 +0000


	I've asked this question on the users list but got no answers so I'm
trying here.

	I ahve a box that hosts many virtual domains for mail & web. I have got
mailman installed & sendmail configured so that mail sent to
list@domain1.com goes to a different list than mail to list@domain2.com.
I have done this by having a unique 'internal' list name in which is
embedded the domain name. Mail coming into list-request@domain1.com
actually gets redirected to the list called 'domain1-com-list-request'.
This works fine.

	However, the outgoing mails sent by mailman are sent as 'From:
domain1-com-list@domain1.com', which is not what I want. The
Administrator's interface suggests that changing the 'Public Name' will
change this, but it does not. Is there any way I can change this myself
or can someone give me some pointers where I should be looking in the
code to change the 'from' address for ougoing mail (Oh, and wherever it
references the list in the body of a message).

	Can anyone help me please?


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