[Mailman-Developers] almost found the b3 bug?

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Sat, 1 Jul 2000 15:27:24 +0200


i posted earlier that i thought i fixed my b3 approval trouble
by completely reinstalling mailman and all the list... unfortunately
the approvals still don't work correctly... 
after doing some testing with qrunner I think I've tracked down
part of the problem: i wrote a post to the list... it arrived on
the approval page and i did a 'approve'... when I run qrunner by
hand with some added syslogs, i noticed it ends up thinking the
message is an '-request' post... so the only thing it does with
the message is mlist.ParseMailCommands(msg)...
I'm going to see if I can track it down more precisely...