[Mailman-Developers] Re: ML replies (was: CVS: python/dist/src/PCbuild readme.txt,1.5,1.6)

Jim Hebert jim@cosource.com
Sat, 1 Jul 2000 14:43:17 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 1 Jul 2000, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> [1] http://cr.yp.to/proto/replyto.html

I often find that with any number of D.B.'s various interesting and
non-standard propositions that I read it and go "hell yeah, everyone
should do it that way!" Just as often I read a counterpoint from someone
and almost always end up going "oh, good point, guess that isn't such a
great idea after all." =)

So I'd be interested if anyone turns up discussions of this where I can
read the counterpoint. Barry, sounded like you had a line on these threads
somewhere already?


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