[Mailman-Developers] config_list bug with subscribe_policy

Hrvoje Niksic hniksic@iskon.hr
06 Jul 2000 16:51:24 +0200

The subscribe_policy parameter is a bit specific in that it can be 0,
1, 2, or 3, except that 0 can be turned off on a per-site basis (which
is done by default, at least under Debian).

The web GUI makes sure that the RadioButtonArray gets set up with the
current setting of subscribe_policy correctly laid out, which depends
on whether the site-wide option is turned on or off.

However, the config_list utility does not seem to understand the
convention, and prints the following:

# legal values are:
#    0 = "confirm"
#    1 = "require approval"
#    2 = "confirm+approval"
subscribe_policy = 1

The number is correct, but the comment is not; the list in question
does not require approval -- it merely asks for confirmation.

config_list should probably have a special-case for subscribe_policy,
as the graphical tools do.  Otherwise the comment is very misleading
for people who hope to use config_list to import lists to Mailman.