[Mailman-Developers] Triple text on 2.0b4 subscribe error page

Hans Ulrich Niedermann ulrich@n-dimensional.de
09 Jul 2000 01:10:14 +0200


This is a (very small) bug report for 2.0beta4 (no showstopper).

I just tried to subscribe to the python announce list on
(where Mailman 2.0beta4 is running) and entered an email address and
two differing passwords. Then I clicked on "Subscribe" and received a
reply ("Python-announce-list Subscription results: Your passwords did
not match.") in one HTML file containing this same message *three*

I can't imagine this was your intention, so I thought I'd let you

I'm not subscribed to mailman-developers any more, so please Cc: me,
if you've got some more questions for me.

Have fun,