[Mailman-Developers] Locking issue, Mailman 2.0b4

Thomas Wouters thomas@xs4all.net
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 14:06:18 +0200

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 11:50:04AM +0100, John MacKenzie wrote:

> I'm still Experiencing that locking issue,  below is a listing or the lockfiles
> present  beforer I did an rm -f irish-emigrant* so i could access the list
> admin pages.

The list isn't too interesting. It shows two lockfiles, but the interesting
part would have been a 'ls -l' to see if the lockfiles actually match up ;)
Have you tried tuning down the timeout values ? Aparently something is
locking up your mailing list. Can you confirm there is no mailman process
running at that time ?

Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>

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