[Mailman-Developers] approval & b3

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 00:59:06 +0200


I just found out that our list hasn't been sending mail for a few days
now. All messages must go to approval on the admindb page, but even though
the moderators have been approving lots of mail every day, they never got
send out. I've always been running an up to date cvs version and it could
be that a certain change in de source a few days ago somehow conflicts with my setup.
I have another small list running on the same mailman that doesn't have
approval but posts are send out like they should. So it must be some
oddity in the approval code. From what I can see is that is goes like
1) user sends message to list
2) mm holds it back for approval (message is stored in ~mailman/data)
3) moderator approves messages 
4) mm puts the appropiate db and msg file in ~mailman/qfiles
5) crontab runs qrunner
6) qrunner sends queued mail to list [*this seems the thing NOT working in my setup]
7) qrunner removes the files from ~mailman/qfiles (this IS working even though nothing gets send!)

some extra info:
1) postfix only logs step 1... at step 6 qrunner doesn't even contact postfix
2) Defaults.py has a 'SMTPPORT=0' -- i thought that was the problem, and that it should be 25, but
   changing it to 25 doesn't help anything :(
3) no errors or weird info in ~mailman/logs

the only way i can think of fixing everything is restart with a complete new install,
but that is going to be a lot of extra work to get all the settings back on the list...
plus i'm not 100% sure if that would fix anything at all...