[Mailman-Developers] change the envelope sender with Sendmail.py?

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham@VData.co.uk
Tue, 02 May 2000 09:54:37 +0100

brian@gweep.bc.ca said:
> I don't know if this is also a problem in the direct SMTP module. I'm
> using Sendmail.py because my MTA is sendmail, but I'm using postfix in
> outgoing only configuration for the list delivery since mailman was
> getting sendmail to send each message as one huge batch of addresses.

The Sendmail.py module has a number of other problems, and I would 
strongly suggest that it not be used at present - the name is a 
reference to the calling interface used rather than necessarily the MTA.
DirectSMTP works fine with sendmail and all other MTAs I know of.
The handing off of addresses in one blob is a simplification of the MTA 
handling logic for Mailman 2.  A decent MTA should be able to handle 
having all the addresses in one chunk and make whatever efficiency 
saving are appropriate... however different MTAs will have different 
trade offs for this sort of operation - list handling is actually 
rather different in terms of message sizes, recipients etc than normal 
mail and also has slightly different requirements.

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