[Mailman-Developers] A request - increased clarity in <listname>-request responses

Adrian Joseph adrian.joseph@guardian.co.uk
Fri, 05 May 2000 17:57:24 +0100

Hi, I'm not a subscriber to this list, but I'm the admin for a number of
mailing lists using Mailman v1.1. One thing which has proved to be a
problem is the relative lack of clarity in the replies to mailcmd
subscribe & unsubscribe attempts. Since it has become common for
companies to tack on lengthy legal disclaimers, the resulting output
from the parser, ending in " Too many errors encountered; the rest of
the message is ignored:", is more than enough to confuse those who are
not computer savvy=B7 I know the relevant information is present in the
mail, but I've had literally hundreds of e-mail from confused would-be
subscribers to demonstrate that its presentation needs some improvement.
Griping aside I think its a pretty cool app, thanks folks