[Mailman-Developers] change the envelope sender with Sendmail.py?

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
08 May 2000 18:31:33 +0200

[Brian Edmonds]

> The change is on line 91 of Handlers/Sendmail.py[1], where msg.GetSender
> needs to become mlist.GetAdminEmail.

As I mentioned some weeks ago on this same issue, I think it would be
better to override the GetSender() method appropriately for the
various subclasses of Message.

If you hardcode in GetAdminEmail as envelope sender, you can get
"interesting" results when combined with MTA sender verification and
e.g. newly created lists.  It will also cause e.g. password reminder
bounces to go to some unsuspecting (public) list's admin and not to