[Mailman-Developers] wrong list info in header (b1)

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
09 May 2000 20:07:26 +0200

[Thomas Wouters]

> The script responsible for sending the password reminders,
> cron/mailpasswds, specifically uses the first public list it finds
> to send all password reminders. I'm not entirely sure why this is
> done, except for some marginal performance issue.

I think the reasoning went like this: As any reminder message can
contain info about more than one list membership, it's impossible to
use the "correct" list for delivery.  Thus, as Mailman can't get this
completely right, it rather chooses the easiest solution available;
use the same list for all deliveries.

Of course, as non-public lists shouldn't be advertised, Mailman
shouldn't "implicitly advertise" a non-public list by using its
message delivery mechanisms (which currently implies putting the
list's name in the message headers) for sending out passwords.

> mailpasswds should probably be rewritten to either use a list the
> user is on, or use a fake list... I'm not really sure which is best,
> considering people with mailfilters based on Sender and such.

I think the last option would be best, because it's the least
complicated thing to implement, and thus less error-prone.  Besides,
there also are other reasons for wanting a non-list-specific Mailman
entry point address.