[Mailman-Developers] suggestion for heldmsg placement

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
09 May 2000 20:25:07 +0200

[Ricardo Kustner]

> Hi,
> I think it could be better to place the heldmsg-* files
> that are created for messages held for approval in
> a directory like ~mailman/listname/lists/mailinglist/pending
> instead of all messages for all lists in ~mailman/data...
> does anybody agree with me? :)

I disagree -- the way it's done now, you can easily have
$(prefix)/data/ (and e.g. archives/) on a big/slow disk, while
$(prefix)/lists/ (and e.g. locks/) can live happily on a
smaller/quicker disk.

Putting stuff in subdirs of the list config dir would require me to
create an awful lot of symlinks in order to do the same.

If you're concerned with the number of files in a single directory, I
guess some scheme for splitting the data/ directory could be
implemented -- but I'm not really sure that's needed.

So, what is you motivation for asking for this change?