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Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw@python.org
Tue, 30 May 2000 15:55:01 -0400 (EDT)

Hi folks,

I'm forwarding Guido's announcement to these lists.  It's relevant
here because part of what I am doing officially for BeOpen is work on
Mailman.  This is a very exciting move for all of us, and should be
good for the Mailman community.

As it relates to Mailman, nothing really changes.  Mailman is and will
remain GPL'd open source software.  I'm concentrating on finishing up
the 2.0 release and expect that to happen over the next several weeks.
Currently, I'm sipping through a slow dialup, but expect to get
upgraded to DSL as soon as the local phone company gets their act
together.  This should quicken the pace of my responses and checkins.


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To all Python users and developers:

Python is growing rapidly.  In order to take it to the next level,
I've moved with my core development group to a new employer,
BeOpen.com.  BeOpen.com is a startup company with a focus on open
source communities, and an interest in facilitating next generation
application development.  It is a natural fit for Python.

At BeOpen.com I am the director of a new development team named
PythonLabs.  The team includes three of my former colleagues at CNRI:
Fred Drake, Jeremy Hylton, and Barry Warsaw.  Another familiar face
will joins us shortly: Tim Peters.  We have our own website
(www.pythonlabs.com) where you can read more about us, our plans and
our activities.  We've also posted a FAQ there specifically about
PythonLabs, our transition to BeOpen.com, and what it means for the
Python community.

What will change, and what will stay the same? First of all, Python
will remain Open Source.  In fact, everything we produce at PythonLabs
will be released with an Open Source license.  Also, www.python.org
will remain the number one website for the Python community.  CNRI
will continue to host it, and we'll maintain it as a community

What changes is how much time we have for Python.  Previously, Python
was a hobby or side project, which had to compete with our day jobs;
at BeOpen.com we will be focused full time on Python development! This
means that we'll be able to spend much more time on exciting new
projects like Python 3000.  We'll also get support for website
management from BeOpen.com's professional web developers, and we'll
work with their marketing department.

Marketing for Python, you ask? Sure, why not! We want to grow the size
of the Python user and developer community at an even faster pace than
today.  This should benefit everyone: the larger the community, the
more resources will be available to all, and the easier it will be to
find Python expertise when you need it.  We're also planning to make
commercial offerings (within the Open Source guidelines!) to help
Python find its way into the hands of more programmers, especially in
large enterprises where adoption is still lagging.

There's one piece of bad news: Python 1.6 won't be released by June
1st.  There's simply too much left to be done.  We promise that we'll
get it out of the door as soon as possible.  By the way, Python 1.6
will be the last release from CNRI; after that, we'll issue Python
releases from BeOpen.com.

Oh, and to top it all off, I'm going on vacation.  I'm getting married
and will be relaxing on my honeymoon.  For all questions about
PythonLabs, write to pythonlabs-info@beopen.com.

- --Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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