[Mailman-Developers] mod_layout?

Christian Scholz cs@comlounge.net
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 23:47:03 +0200


>     CS> I actually would prefer some mailman solution. I once looked
>     CS> at it and wondered if I could add it by using my htmlPARSER
>     CS> stuff (http://heimat.de/mrtopf/htmlparser/). I just did not
>     CS> find the time to do it..  (Once I also thought about some Zope
>     CS> interface but the same happened..)  Though it's still on the
>     CS> list of thing I want to do sometime ;-)
> There's also Quixote:
>     http://www.mems-exchange.org/exchange/software/python/quixote/
> Written by friends of mine (and dang good Python hackers), and all in
> Python.  Think Zope-lite.

The problem with this (as with Zope at the moment) is again the mixing
between HTML and python (or DTML) code. I would like it more to separate
them. So an XML like stuff is more what I would like to use.


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