[Mailman-Developers] specific templates

Adriaan Peeters apeeters@lashout.net
Sat, 7 Apr 2001 01:15:15 +0200

Hey all,

I sent this to the mailman-users list, but they couldn't give me a complete
Does anyone know how to change the automated subcribe confirmation email ?
It is possible to add a text via the administrative interface, but is't not
possible to change the mail completely.  I would like to change the welcome
e-mail completely, perhaps even make html mails from it.

I tried to copy templates/subscribeack.txt to
lists/listname/subscribeack.txt and change something in that file, but it
didn't work :(

I think it's not a very big deal to change the code to check first if a
specific subscribeack.txt exists, then include it, and if not, include the
default one.  But unfortunately I don't know enough Python to submit a patch

Is there a way to accomplish this at this moment, or are there any patches
out there ?

Regards and thanks,
Adriaan Peeters