[Mailman-Developers] Mailman 2.0 usage notes...

Michael Yount csf@moscow.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 16:47:21 -0700

If relaying on loopback connections is acceptable, there is a simple 
way to disable lookups during RCPT TO in Sendmail 8.10.0 and later.  
for more information.

Chuq, have you tried this approach?


On 10 Apr 13:47, chuq von rospach wrote:
> Been whapping at my big mailman machine the last week, because it's been 
> slowly falling behind and never quite catching up. Unfortunately, it 
> seems like I've simply hit capacity for now, so I'm looking for ways to 
> extend that or at least minimize the damage until 2.1's multi-threading 
> queueing comes online and I can use it (my big problem is the 
> single-threading....)
> One thing that would help would be if the Sendmail module got 
> productionalized so it could be used instead of SMTPDirect, because then 
> you could use the -deliverymode=defer option, which you can't on 
> SMTPDirect because it disables some spamchecking.