[Mailman-Developers] URGENT Please Help: Duplicates with 2.0 final

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 21:46:20 -0400

>>>>> "TJ" == Todd Joseph <todd@connactivity.connactivity.com> writes:

    TJ> See below for more info.  Since I sent this message the first
    TJ> time, I've had 1 reply.  I'm thinking I need to include a
    TJ> snappy come-on in my .sig to get everyone's attention.

Naw, you just have to offer to finish my taxes for me.  Fortunately
for you, I'm on hold with the IRS so I get to help you <wink>.

    TJ> I've learned one more thing, the mailing list had 1 email
    TJ> address with a space in it.  The address something like:

    TJ>     blahblah@foobar.org and

    TJ> When I tried to remove it, I got an error saying something
    TJ> like "blahblah@foobar.org is not subscribed."  I had to quote
    TJ> the bogus address in order to remove it.  Could this address
    TJ> have caused duplicate messages to be sent to some subscribers?

Doubtful, but anything's possible.  I'd be surprised if it would cause
a dup'ing error that didn't show up in the error logs though.

    TJ> Oh, and I'm running Python 1.5.2

And Mailman 2.0.3?  I'd recommend upgrading even though I doubt any of
the fixes between 2.0 and 2.0.3 will address your problems.

The error your getting in the log file indicates that one of the
queued files is getting deleted out from under qrunner.  That could be
because you're getting multiple qrunner processes because of some
locking failure, or because your qrunner lock is getting stomped on.
Have you changed any of the default values in your mm_cfg.py (or
<gasp> Defaults.py) file?  You ought to see a bunch of "Could not
acquire qrunner lock" messages in the logs/qrunner file.  Perversely
enough, that indicates that qrunner's lock is working.

Are you still seeing duplicates, or was this a one-time occurance?

Which DELIVERY_MODULE are you using?  If SMTPDirect, are you using any
of the experimental thread stuff?  Are you running a news gateway?
That's the one handler that still does an os.fork() so if for some
reason your child processes are returning to the main HandlerAPI loop,
then that might explain both symptoms.

Check your MTA log files.  Can you match the duplicate messages with
deliveries by your MTA?  If Mailman were sending them out twice, you
should see each entry in your MTA logs.

I know I'm giving you more questions than answers, but I'll definitely
need more information before we can figure out your problem.