[Mailman-Developers] RFC 2919 on List-Id (fwd)

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:42:40 -0400

>>>>> "JRA" == Jay R Ashworth <jra@baylink.com> writes:

    JRA> What, you're crossing *this* one, and you didn't cross RFC
    JRA> 2821 and RFC 2822?  :-)

    JRA> Yes, Barry; those are what the numbers might suggest they
    JRA> are: I hope 2822 includes the stuff from son-of-1036, but I
    JRA> haven't read it yet.

Being a regular /. reader, I was aware of 2821 and 2822's release, but
I actually hadn't heard about 2919.  And yes, I'll be reading all
those to see how best to support them in Mailman. ;)