[Mailman-Developers] empty digests

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Sat, 28 Apr 2001 12:33:24 +0200


Last night I had to change all subscribers to one of my lists to a digest
version. I used bin/withlist -l in interactive mode and gave the following
python commands:

all = m.GetMembers()
for member in all:
    m.SetUserDigest(member, 1, force=1)

This took a really long time (1635 regular subscribers) and after about 20
minutes I decided to press Ctrl-C cause I was afraid it hung somewhow... 
this means I wasn't able to do a m.Save() but after checking the number of
subscriber was reduced to about 60 so appearantly it did work out...
After that I decided to rerun the commands again and this time I waited
untill it was finished and did a m.Save()
Anyway my point is that now I'm getting some complaints from members about
receiving empty digests (it only says the number of posts which should be in
there) I'm not sure yet what they are missing but I was wondering if I
could have messed things about by interrupting the process w/o a m.Save()?
When I look up the subscription options for one of the members who
complained I don't see anything weird in there...