[Mailman-Developers] Typo in Software Generated Page Content

Jeffrey Thompson jeffrey@thompsonic.com
Mon, 01 Jan 2001 10:30:10 -0500

I have located a typo in the pending admin decision:

Administrative requests for mailing list: My-List

I read:

For each held posting, select the action to take by choosing one of

Defer - Defer your decision until later. Use this if you just want to
forward or
preserve (see below) the message but not dispose of it yet.
Approve - Approve the message and send it on to the list.
Reject - Reject the message, sending a rejection notice to the sender.
original message is discarded.
Discard - The original message is discarded with no rejection message
sent. This option is useful for spam.

Turn on the Preserve option if you want to save a copy if this message
for the
site administrator.

Should be:  "... save a copy OF this message ..."

that is part of the software, and you hopefully a developer will correct

Jeffrey Thompson