[Mailman-Developers] Mailing List Subscription Request (fwd)

J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Mon, 01 Jan 2001 11:44:56 -0800

V3 really needs to support something like the following:

------- Forwarded Message
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 14:40:22 -0500
To: claw@kanga.nu
Subject: Mailing List Subscription Request
From: general@securityspace.com
Reply-To: general@securityspace.com

Someone, possibly you, has requested that the address


be registered to receive daily news at www.securityspace.com.

To complete the list subscription process, please go to:


Alternatively, if the above line was split by your browser,
you may need to go directly to the URL
and enter your email address and activation code <code_here>

If you do not wish to complete the registration, you
don't need to do anything.

Security News Services

------- End of Forwarded Message

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