[Mailman-Developers] You Can Boost Windows reliability!!!!

info8@networkshosts.com info8@networkshosts.com
Mon, 01 Jan 2001 16:28:54 -0500

Dear Windows User,

Now you can boost the reliability of ordinary Windows ME, 95 and 98 to
nearly the level of Windows NT or 2000, Microsoft's professional and 
version of Windows.

The new WinFix 4.4 is a very effective way to improve the reliability of
Windows, because it makes Windows fault-tolerant and self-repairing. And
WinFix is very safe, because it operates completely independent of

http://www3.networkshosts.com/comph to find out more about WinFix,
the safest, most effective way to keep you working, by keeping your PC
working non-stop.

Arlen Dixon, CEO
Westwood Software Marketing

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