[Mailman-Developers] New Feature Request: A Half-Moderator

Jeffrey Thompson jeffrey@thompsonic.com
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 07:08:50 -0500

Chuq Von Rospach wrote:

> (one administrative note -- can we please NOT post to both -users and
> -developers? It's either a use issue, or a developer issue. posting
> to both simply wastes time and energy and bandwidth, and annoys the
> developers who have to plow through the same messages multiple times
> -- and accomplishes nothing useful.. choose a list and use it, don't
> shotgun a message to the universe hoping someone will notice.. thanks)

Sorry I disagree.  I am proposing new features that other users might be
interested in.  Users like to know about such things.  Also, developers
need to
know new proposed features too, or else, how will they be implemented?
I think in the case of "New Suggested Features" it makes sense to post to
both groups.

Maybe we need a New Suggested Features list?  And then I wouldn't have to
post to either :-)

> Or you could simply create a concept of a named queue
> (moderator-chuq), attach a moderator to it, and build some way of
> defining regex values that would put messages in that queue. A regex
> of "From: lamer@foo.org" -> moderator-chuq would then take any
> incoming message and put it in any appropriate outgoing queue.
> Which, if you then generalize it, allows you to simply define ALL
> queues in terms of some kind of "owner" (which may be a function, a
> person or some other operation), and then you can make the mailman
> logic loop be nothing more than a state machine looking at messages
> and attaching them to queues based on the state definitions.

Cool concept there.  I like that idea.  And, also you could further define
a queue
as containing sub-queues.  In the case of a "half-moderator" he would be
part of a queue, and would in effect moderate a sub-queue.  So the larger
queue would
contain all of the people subscribed, plus additional sub-queues that are
moderated seperately.

Jeffrey Thompson