[Mailman-Developers] New Feature Request: A Half-Moderator

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 01:29:30 -0500

>>>>> "JT" == Jeffrey Thompson <jeffrey@thompsonic.com> writes:

    JT> Cool concept there.  I like that idea.  And, also you could
    JT> further define a queue as containing sub-queues.  In the case
    JT> of a "half-moderator" he would be monitoring part of a queue,
    JT> and would in effect moderate a sub-queue.  So the larger queue
    JT> would contain all of the people subscribed, plus additional
    JT> sub-queues that are moderated seperately.

This falls nicely in line with some of my holiday hacking on v3 ideas.
I've got the concept of Rosters, which are just lists of users (which
themselves contain email addresses) and can be attached to mailing
lists either as delivery rosters (e.g. for membership), or owner/admin
rosters, or moderator rosters.

[Which leads me to re-iterate that I definitely think the admin role
and the moderator role should be separated]

I can see where a roster object might have predicates attached to it,
or be associated with nodes in the state machine, so it could decide
what to do with the message, e.g. send it on to it's members for
approval, hold the message, etc.