[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] So all you people that wanted autoreject...(It was: Re: Reject non-member postings.)

Evilio del Rio edelrio@icm.csic.es
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 11:32:10 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Dan Mick wrote:

> ... (cut from previous replies)
>Evilio del Rio wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there any way to configure a list to ALWAYS reject ANY non-member
>> posting to a restricted list. I do not want them to be held for approval,
>> just reject, full stop.
>Adding header patterns to SpamDetect.py is one way, although not trivial.
>Adding "check for list membership" wouldn't be that hard, but it would
>take some actual Python coding.  I could see if I could hack something
>like that up if there were sufficient interest.
>Proposal: a modification to SpamDetect.py to auto-reject, with no
>reply message, mail from non-subscribers (on lists with "subscriber posting
>only" set).  Anyone besides Evilio dying for this?
> ...
>OK, well, this seems to work.  I hacked up SpamDetect.py into a new
>module, grabbed code from Hold.py to get the sender and look for the
>member_posting_only option, and do a similar rejection trick to
>for throwing the message away.  It also logs a message to
>~mailman/logs/discard every time it rejects a non-subscriber post, so you
>can see that it's working.
> ....give me some feedback on my solution.
Hi Mick,

Thank you for your interest and your solution.

I didn't test it yet because two reasons (correct me if I am wrong):

	a) It puts the rejection mode for all the site and not on a
list-by-list basis.

	b) It conflicts with another patch to mailman (Hold.py) that we
have here that converts the 'posters' setting into a regular expression
(this was done to allow a members-posters-only meta-list).

I think that the right way is:

a) To create a setting for the lists called 'non_members_post_action' (or
similar) with three possible values ('Hold for approval', 'Reject' and

b) To incorporate this action in the present message path (maybe this
should be the caller of Hold.py)

I would like to work on this but I would appreciare any help because I am
not an expert in python. And maybe it's time to change this discussion to
the developers list (so I post to it also).


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