[Mailman-Developers] Pipermail, large archives and performance

Bob Tanner tanner@real-time.com
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 14:20:06 -0600

I am wondering what that road map is for mailman.

Meaning what are the new features slated for the future. What enhancements to
current features are planned.

I posted a feature enchancement to SF:


And pipermail is really causing problems. I have an mbox file that is 1.92Gb in
size and it takes almost 14 hours to process the qfiles.

I believe this is because qrunner(?) has a difficult time processing such large
files to generate the archives. Am I way off base here?

Browsing the archives is another unpleasant task. I think pipermail(?) does not
work well on files of this size either.

Is there any plans for enhance/replace these problems?

I am willing to put my coding skill to work to fix these issues if there is some
road map to follow.


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